We’re an award winning, full service marketing + public relations agency.

Pulp is driven with a passion to create compelling narratives for both early-stage startups and well established companies. Much like the startups we work with, we are agile communication scientists: measuring, analyzing and combining the right mix of new and existing tools to establish clients as disruptors in their industry.

Method & Expectations

We create and execute disruptive PR strategies based on quantifiable objectives and key results, designed to directly amplify your campaign’s goals.

This approach helps identify high potential and relevant opportunities in both traditional and digital mediums.


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Traditional media relations

Develop and maintain long-term media relations with major and niche media outlets to create media exposures for clients on various channels, including press, TV, podcast and social media.

Specific Services

Media Tours, Company Launches, Product Launches, Funding Announcements, Product Reviews, Feature Story Development, Interviews


Identify or customize events that resonate with clients’ business strategies and core communications goals to establish the best stage for clients to get media attentions and increase impact to targeted communities.

Specific Services

Tradeshows, webinars, custom events, conferences


Design or refine creative contents to establish consistent and vivid brand image for clients.

Specific Serivices

Press kits, logos, web development & design

Content marketing & thought leadership

Create targeted and in-depth contents to build up clients’ influence among peers, as well as reputation as leading thought leaders in their own business spaces.

Specific services

Infographics, guest articles, blogging, award submissions


Compose thorough analytic reports bolstered with concrete data to support campaign initiatives.

Specific Serivices

Industry reports, social media analysis, competitor analysis

Social media

Increase clients’ social media presence to provide extra touch points for audiences and expand the brand stories into digital channels.

Specific Serivices

Social media management, advertising campaigns

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