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The world of payments has evolved from cards in a wallet to digital mobile devices like mobile phones and wearables. All with a focus on convenience and security.

At Radiius, a Princeton, NJ based financial technology startup, a smart team of innovators has worked on the convergence of legacy wallets, cards and emerging technologies and created Bee - the world’s smallest, biometrics enabled digital wearable wallet.

To help bring Bee to consumers, Radiius is launching Bee on Indiegogo in September 2017.



Bee is a safe, smart and small biometrics-capable, NFC-based wearable device, that you can strap onto anything – your smartwatch, your fitness band, your key fob and your handbag – endless possibilities! BEE comes is vibrant contemporary color options to go with your preferences. It stores your credit, debit and other payment cards. Simply authenticate yourself using the fingerprint sensor, select a card on the smartwatch screen and wave at the payment terminal. You are done.

Key Features

Convenience of size
Bee is the world's smallest wallet aggregating all your cards - debit, credit, prepaid, loyalty, rewards in single, sleek, fun device that is about the size of a quarter!

Your wallet is completely safe even when lost. You can temporarily or permanently disable one or all your cards, with a touch on the Beehive app.

Zero Wait
No more waiting for cards. Banks can deliver new card products instantly and directly to the Bee device over-the-air. Moreover, even if the Bee device is lost or stolen, your original cards are still usable as before.

Biometric Security
Bee is equipped with a fingerprint biometric scanner, that lets you store up to 3 finger scans. Before using your device to make a payment, simply swipe your finger on the scanner, and wave your Bee over the PoS terminal.

Rich Integration: Bee isn’t limited to your Android device, or to your Apple device. It works on both! And Bee is capable of strapping onto 10 different brands of smart-watches.

Multiple Cards
You can store a wide array of payment cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover – plus, you can store prepaid cards, loyalty cards, transit control cards and access control cards.

Bee is a Payment device, access control device and your transit ticket all rolled into one!

BeeHive App
The BeeHive for iOS and Android lets you add, delete and update your cards’ details. BeeHive also provides you a feature-rich money management tool, and keeps tracks of your expenses so you can manage your money better. With BeeHive, you can also find the best deals and offers, based on where you are. The Bee saves you money, every chance it gets.

Battery Life
Bee works with a tiny button cell battery (CR2302 battery), easily available globally and goes without a charge for 2 years.

Fun, Personable Accessory
Bee comes in 6 different colors - Blue, Yellow, Teal, Rose Gold, Silver and Jet Black. Choose your Bee to match your personality, and make Bee a fun new accessory!

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Rajeshwar Mitra
Co-Founder, CEO

Sudhir Jha
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Raghunandan Mishra
SVP Product

Shujauddin Z.M
SVP Engineering

Annetta Lijoy
Software Architect

Chetan S.L
Hardware Design Engineer

Mukesh Kumar
Mobile Developer and Architect


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