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BioSensics is a globally recognized provider of wearable technologies and sensor platforms for clinical research and medical applications. The company’s technologies include innovative solutions for aging-in-place, telehealth, chronic disease management, stroke, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. BioSensics’ first consumer product, CliQ, is a versatile smart sensor that empowers users to form healthier habits, safeguard what matters, and control the smart home. BioSensics employs a strong team of software, hardware, and biomedical engineers, many of whom have extensive engineering and research experience and graduate level training, as well as an experienced sales and marketing department that supports both direct sales efforts and business partnerships. They will work closely and collaboratively on the development and timely delivery of the CliQ, as well as future improvements and revisions. For more information about BioSensics, please visit



CliQ is a versatile smart sensor that empowers you to automate, track, and improve your life. It can transform virtually any object into a smart device, so you can take advantage of truly personalized automation.

In addition to a button, each CliQ contains an embedded motion sensor, allowing you to trigger actions in 4 different ways: click, double click, brief motion, and sustained motion. Plus, you can choose precisely when and where you want your CliQ to work. This flexibility lets you control the world around you to make your life easier, form better habits (or eliminate bad ones), and safeguard the things that matter.

With the CliQ companion app, the applications are endless. Set reminders for daily routines like feeding pets and plants, automatically turn on lights or start your favorite podcast, or be held accountable for your fitness goals and health habits. And if you’re looking for even more ideas, you can explore the CliQ community to see how other users are making life easier with their CliQs.

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Dr. Joseph Gwin
PhD, VP of Research and Development

Gregory Barchard
Senior Software Engineer

Jackson Maier
Director of Operations

Alex Stoltze
Industrial Designer


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