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E-CASE is the creator of smarter smart luggage and the first-ever smart check-in bag. With over 20 years of experience in the luggage manufacturing industry and passion for technology-driven solutions, we’re making it impossible for you to ever lose your luggage again. Other so-called “smart” luggage can only tell if your bag is missing, but E-CASE is the first and only bag that uses real-time GPS mapping for pinpoint accuracy with a digital footprint. It features advanced digital security with Bluetooth, SMS unlock, and fingerprint authentication options, so you can control it from anywhere around the globe. Plus, E-CASE’s digital scale delivers a more convenient and accurate read, so you never have to pay overweight fees again. Did we mention it also comes in carry-on sizes?



E-CASE is the first smart check-in bag with real-time GPS, advanced digital security, and built-in self-weighing — that also comes in carry-on size.

Most so-called “smart” luggage on the market come in carry-on size only, but what good is tracking a bag that almost never leaves your sight?

E-CASE comes in a 20-inch carry-on size as well as 24- and 29-inch check-in sizes, so you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to all of your belongings. Plus, all sizes come in 5 awesome colors (Black, Navy Blue, Rose Gold, Mint, Teal).

E-CASE Key Features

Real-time, precise bag mapping with digital footprint

Other solutions only provide one-time positioning, so they can’t actually tell you where your bag is — only that it’s missing. E-CASE’s GPS module enables sustained locating, mapping, and real-time tracking of your bag via the E-CASE mobile app. This means if your bag goes missing, you’ll know exactly where it’s been and where to find it now — even if you’re in Chicago and your bag is in Zurich!

Enhanced digital security measures

Bluetooth locking, fingerprint authentication, and SMS remote unlocking for greater security and flexibility. You can store up to 16 fingerprints, for friends, family, or anyone else who needs access.

Built-in digital scale for liftless weighing

Typical smart luggage uses a handle-based scale that makes you physically lift the bag to weigh it, but not so with E-CASE. Using a digital scale built into the bottom, E-CASE delivers a more convenient and accurate read so you never have to pay overweight fees again. It’s convenient and accurate weighing without all the heavy lifting.


E-CASE uses algorithms to analyze vibration and light intensity and suspend GSM signals during flying, in order to comply with safety requirements. No other bag on the market can do this.

Smart alerts

E-CASE’s smart distance sensor immediately pushes an alert to your phone the moment your bag slips out of sight.

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