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Exyn Technologies is commercializing cutting edge research and development in autonomous flight and aerial robotics.

We offer the first industrial-grade autonomous aerial robot systems for GPS-denied and inaccessible environments. Designed as a scalable, full-stack solution, Exyn’s technology enables the deployment of single or multi-robots that can navigate and map 3D environments—without the use of GPS or preloaded maps—on a sliding scale of control. from pilot-assisted to fully autonomous.

For the first time, industries like mining, logistics, and construction can benefit from a single, integrated solution that captures the critical data needed to cut costs, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize ROI—without putting human lives at unnecessary risk.

Key Features

Multi-Sensor Data Fusion

Combining multiple sensor types improves accuracy and flexibility. Exyn robots can safely operate in complete darkness—such as in a deep mine—with push-button autonomy.

All Intelligence Onboard

Exyn robots do all their processing onboard and are able to independently execute missions. After mission completion, relevant data is uploaded directly to the cloud.

Real-Time Situational Awareness

Exyn robots feature an easy-to-use command-and-control interface, that allows the user to view data streams including high-resolution 3D maps and other data streams—in real-time.

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Exyn's Advanced Autonomous Aerial Robot for Underground Mines YouTube


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Vijay Kumar, Ph.D.

Nader Elm
Chief Executive Officer

Jason Derenick, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer


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