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Chasing-Innovation was formed by a group of passionate divers, underwater enthusiasts and technology geeks with backgrounds from Huawei Technology, LG, Microsoft and the underwater vehicle institution.

With extensive experience in communication, electronic design, software algorithm and mechanical design, Chasing-Innovation created the Gladius in 2016 — a revolutionary, ultra-HD underwater drone. To help bring the product to consumers around the world, Gladius will launch on Indiegogo on March 21st, 2017 to raise an initial goal of $50,000.



Built for filming, observing and exploring, the Gladius is a portable and user-friendly underwater drone that is able to dive up to 100 meters deep with a horizontal range of 500 meters.

Controlled via smartphone or tablet, Gladius is nimble and easy to control, whether you are a diver, fisher, island hopper or explorer, thanks to its quattro-thrusters and semi-tethered design.

Featuring an onboard 1080P/4K camera, Gladius takes high quality photos and video with HD live streaming capabilities. Best of all, Gladius can be used for up to 3 hours on a single charge, taking just 1.5 hours to full charge.

Key Features

Floating Buoy and long range Connection system

Gladius uses a unique semi-tether connection system, which increases its practical range up to 500 meters. The data and image connection system contains two parts: tether and floating buoy. All data and images are live transmission bidirectional. You can watch a live 720P HD video or control Gladius using a phone, tablet, or laptop from a boat or from the shore.

Optimized 4K/1080P image system

Built-in Full HD camera uses low-light-adaptable sensors and an image quality optimization algorithm, enabling users to take 16MP photos and 4K videos without any underwater distortion. The LED lights on either side have a wide illuminating angle of 135°, which can illuminate a clear path in front of the drone. Moreover, the lights dimming can be adjusted for different conditions.

Agility, speed and Omnidirectional movement

The unique quattro thrusters design enables nimble movement in all directions, at a speed of 2m per second. It can fly like an airplane through water, with 4 degrees of freedom: left/right, forward/back, up/fall and roll.

Depth of 100 meters/ 328 feet

The internal sealed cabin of Gladius uses aluminum-alloy materials with oxidation treatment to ensure it is waterproof and corrosion-resistant within 100 meters of depth. Whether in a lake or at sea, the Gladius can easily dive up to 100 meters.

Easy to use smartphone controls

Gladius is easy to operate, thanks to a simple and intuitive remote controller and app interface. Setup is done in 3 easy steps, and Gladius is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

3+ hours battery life

Gladius features over 3 hours run time, with just 1.5 hours fast charge time, courtesy of onboard LIPO smart batteries. Users can monitor the live information of batteries via the Gladius app.

Compact and Lightweight

Gladius' compact size make it an easy fit for any backpack or suitcase. The drone weighs only 6.6 lbs and measures 16.9" x 10.2" x 3.7". This allows you to explore all the nooks and crannies of a coral reef and tote your drone along for every adventure.

Neutral buoyancy underwater

The structure of Gladius was designed for neutral buoyancy. Combined with the unique PID software algorithm, this ensures Gladius maintains stability in the water while you're shooting video and photo. The drone stays suspended in place for precise inspection.

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Johnson Zhang
Founder and CEO

Joen Zhou
Co-founder and COO

Yun You
Co-founder and CTO

Jacky Yang
Co-founder and CMO

Leon Lee
Co-founder and Hardware Manager

Terry Xi
Co-founder, App and Software Manager

Bruce Li
Structure design Engineer


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