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Keezel is a small company with a big dream: making online privacy & security available to everyone, no matter how tech-savvy or tech-newbie they may be.

In 2015, the company developed the Keezel, the first device and service to bring top-notch online security and privacy to consumers on the go, across all devices. This flagship product, a portable, VPN-powered WiFi encryption device, turned from idea into puck-shaped reality via an Indiegogo campaign that raised over $1M and created a community of 5000+ users before it was even in production.

The Keezel device is slated for a retail launch in 2017. The Keezel company is based in Amsterdam and was established in February 2015.



The Keezel is a security device that protects you and all your devices on (public) WiFi networks.

It creates a secure connection just for you by putting itself in between the public WiFi network and your devices.

The Keezel encrypts all the data traveling from your devices to the internet and thus protects you from hackers, online snoopers, your ISP, network admins, and/or government surveillance.

Key Features

Security Use the Keezel to ensure a secure connection on any device while using (public) WiFi. The Keezel uses VPN technology to encrypt your connection and keep your devices safe from hackers, protecting you against credit card fraud, identity theft and theft of client data.

Privacy The Keezel prevents your internet provider and wireless network providers such as coffee shops, hotels and airports from monitoring your activity.

Circumvent censorship Check your social media and watch your favorite TV shows and sports teams no matter where travels take you. With the Keezel, you can access any website wherever you may be in the world.

All you need is WiFi As long as there is a WiFi network available that the Keezel can use for internet access, there’s nothing else you need to get a secured connection and surf a safer web away from prying eyes and busybodies.

Protect all your devices at the same time The Keezel protects all your devices at the same time with no additional setup, including media streaming & Internet of Things gadgets.

Charge your devices The Keezel’s 8000mAh battery can come in very handy when your phone is running on empty, you just connect your phone via USB cable to it and you’ve got yourself a powerbank.

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