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We are music fans and electrical engineers with a passion for bringing innovative listening experiences to the world. We design and create digital audio products using our team’s extensive experience in audio product design and algorithm development. Our products include Tone Shifter, the world’s first smart guitar audio interface, and Lolly, the world’s first portable 3D recording device for your phone. Melo Audio’s goal is simple: to change the way people enjoy music and life.


About Lolly

Lolly is the first portable 3D recording device that lets you create immersive, full fidelity audio experiences with your phone.

Lolly is compact, easy to use, and battery-free — so you can capture your favorite moments in 3D sound, anytime and anywhere. Simply plug Lolly into your phone and open any of your favorite apps for recording and podcasting, and Lolly captures 3D sound with high precision and full fidelity.

Now you don’t have to be a professional sound engineer with expensive recording gear to create incredible listening experiences!

Key Features

3D recording

A natural three-dimensional sound that gives the listener the sensation of being in the space in which the audio was originally recorded.

Adaptive Recording Orientation Technology

Unique Adaptive Recording Orienting technology dynamically adjusts the sound stage orientation to match the natural listening style of human ears.

Digital reverb effect

Two easy-to-use, optional reverb effects to make voices warmer and sweeter. Simply press the ‘R’ button on Lolly to activate.

Professional audio quality

Records in 48 kHz/44.1 kHz, maximum SPL is 105dB. Response frequency ranges from 20 Hz to 20,000 kHz. Sensitivity is -42 dBFS/Pa at 1 kHz. Supports both stereo mode and mono mode for special application scenarios.

Digital Interface

Connects with your Apple device using the Lightning connector. Compared with microphones that adopt 3.5mm audio jack interface, this achieves anti-noise, better SNR, and better self-excitation control.

Portability and ease-of-use

The size of a lollipop! Incredibly compact, portable, and user friendly. You don’t have to be a pro audio engineer to create pro audio recordings.


Smartphone-powered and doesn’t require charging or an extra battery.


While other hardware devices force users to download apps to function, Lolly doesn’t require any additional apps - it works with all audio/video apps on your Apple device.

Hihg product quality

Lolly will be made by the factory that manufactures Apple accessory devices, so product quality can be guaranteed.

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