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June 2008


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About the Company

Zimplistic is a new age kitchen robotics company driven by the mission to make healthy eating easy. With the vision of seamlessly integrating consumer robotics with IoT, we are working to bring about a day when families can eat healthy homemade meals with just a touch.

The vision of Zimplistic is to innovate around big pain points, enabling people to lead a healthier lifestyle by using smart technology to cook fresh meals at home everyday.

Our flagship product, Rotimatic, is the world’s first fully automatic flatbread making robot that makes fresh, hot and puffy rotis (Indian flatbread) instantly. Beyond the first application in the billion-strong flatbread-eating South Asian market, Rotimatic is set to revolutionize tortilla, health-wraps and gluten free verticals globally.



Rotimatic is world’s first fully-automatic flatbread making robot. It’s a dream-like solution designed to mirror human judgement, to make rotis at a touch! Turn it on, load it up, choose how many, and it makes rotis instantly.

Rotimatic is packed with a portfolio of 35 patents. It’s also an IoT-enabled device, allowing Rotimatic to automatically upgrade itself with the latest software updates and provide for remote troubleshooting capabilities. This means that Rotimatic will keep getting smarter over time and users will be able to enjoy all of the new features instantly, including recipes.

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Rotimatic - One touch for fresh rotis and wraps YouTube

Rotimatic at CES 2015 YouTube

Rotimatic - "The first of its kind" YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Grand Champion/Winner" - Start-Up Singapore (2009)
  • "2nd Runner up" - Intel’s Global Challenge at UC Berkeley
  • "Technology Enterprise Commercialization Scheme" - Spring Singapore
  • "Nominated as Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs" - Bloomberg Businessweek
  • "Finalist" - TiE50

Selected Articles

  • "With the machine so simple to use, and with the reward being fresh bread, it should take little encouragement to see this up and running in kitchens everywhere."
    - Andrew Liszewski, Gizmodo
  • "Rotimatic is the best thing since sliced bread."
    - Atish Patel, Wall Street Journal
  • "At 39 pounds, the 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm device looks like an oversized bread maker, but it’s actually a fascinating piece of engineering that spits out baked rotis at a pace of about one per minute."
    - Lance Ulanoff, Mashable

Rotimatic Website
Official Website


Rishi Israni
Co-Founder and CEO

Pranoti Nagarkar
Co-Founder and CTO


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