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12647 Alcosta Boulevard
Suite 425
San Ramon, CA 94583

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xMatters is an intelligent communications platform that connects insights from any system to the people that matter in order to accelerate essential business processes.

The platform automates, operationalizes and contextualizes communications within key DevOps processes, fundamentally altering the way business units work together. xMatters also supports enterprises through major incident and change management, alerting the right people on the right channels to time-sensitive events and problems like network outages, supply-chain disruptions, natural disasters and medical emergencies.

Founded in 2000, xMatters is headquartered in San Ramon, CA, with additional offices in London and Sydney.


xMatters orchestrates the DevOps toolchains for enterprises modernizing operations

Manages complex processes that require handoffs between tools and communication between different teams. Powers seamless hand-off between systems, allowing individuals, teams and external service providers to quickly advance projects and resolve incidents.

xMatters helps key stakeholders stay informed without over-communicating.

Dynamic groups and user profiles help identify relevant people based on skill set, languages, geography, or any other criteria. Scheduling and escalation rules notify people who are actually available to help. Subscription functionality empowers users to opt-in to notifications that matter

xMatters Integration Platform distills insights from any business system.

Platform combines more than 200 global integrators and partners, enabling proactive and targeted communications for any business disruption. Closed loop integrations allows xMatters to manage and drive forward the underlying workflow from originating systems.

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How xMatters Works in Business Continuity YouTube

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Troy McAlpin

Abbas Haider-Ali

Tobias Dunn-Krahn
SVP Engineering

Kendra Niedziejko
VP Finance

Doug Peete
SVP Products

Dave Reardon
SVP Sales


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